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The MVSI Group

MVSI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Managed Verification Services International, an international specialist in Managed Verification Services. Through its offices across Australia, Europe and the US, MVSI provides a range of solutions for verifying individuals, contractors and companies against multiple compliance requirements such as KYC, identity, corporate fraud, employment law, and others.  For more information about MVSI, visit our corporate website at MVSI.com

Meet The Team

Depth of leadership. Our management team are experts in their fields, combining knowledge, experience, and intelligence to produce better products and services.

Daniel Sheahan
Chief Executive Officer
Deb Sheahan
Head of Verification Services
Fabrice Delauney
Chief Financial Officer
Jeremy Short
Head of Product Development
Jonathan Levy
Global Head of Partnerships and Alliances
Hudson Sattler
Head of Software Delivery
Robbie Rogulj
Head of Marketing
Maxine North
Verifications Manager - APAC
Hadas Karni
AML Verifications Manager- EMEA and North America
Erica Sjöström
Service Delivery Manager EMEA and North America
Chris  Mansell
Service Delivery Manager - APAC
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